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The Flood Recedes

Created a GIF of the water levels that our wildlife camera caught…. Water looks to have been ~4 feet deep in the plots we share with Sharon. The elapsed time is 1:20 am to 5:27 am. I stopped by the garden just after 7:00 am. At that point, only the pollinators garden was still submerged. Couldn’t get to our garden because it was too mushy to walk past the plots closest to Stenton.

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So, this looks like the high watermark. I initially thought our little deer watcher didn’t catch the flood, but it did! I’ll post a GIF of all of the photos that show a little of the progression of,18222?fbclid=IwA Thanks to Liz, Nancy, Diane, Graham, Neenu, Sharon & MeLinda for representing us to the Chestnut Hi

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